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fortuitous: blinded by himself


some people only see and know what they only want to see and to explore. they choose to be blind to the things that gives them the truth. all of the problems that they had they always blame it to someone to keep their thoughts of themselves clean and perfect. they cant accept defeat, they cant…

I love doing this to him. XD

I love doing this to him. XD

Goodbye, Koala…

I didn’t want to regret that I was not able to give her my best.. yet… I feel like the worst person for leaving her to the vets and not being with her at her time of departure… I love her that’s what I’m sure of. I wanted me, Branch and her to live a long happy life together. I didn’t want to give up on her. I’m sure she gave it her best as well and I thank her for it. Yet… maybe it’s inevitable. Until the last minute, I didn’t care how much my expenses would be, I wanted to give her the best. Money will come back but a life…

To my baby: “I’m sorry I wasn’t able to hug you during your last minutes. I’m very sorry I let you go through those procedures during your last minutes. I’m very sorry if I wasn’t able to give the best. I’m very sorry that I didn’t know. I’m very sorry I let you go through that. I already miss you and I will forever remember the time you slept on me… the time I rushed Branch to the hospital, you sleeping.. and wiggling your nose is one of the cutest things I have ever encountered. I will miss the times that you poke on my ankle to ask for food. I will miss the times that you greeted me and ran towards me whenever I arrived at the door. The times we rubbed noses together. I remember the time you kept licking my hands and cuddled under them after I rushed Branch to the hospital… it was sort of like a “Thank you for rushing him to the hospital”… and the time you were comforting him when he was in pain…. you two were inseperable… so much in love… I remember the time you were so happy when he arrived home but couldn’t spend time with him because you two had to be isolated. We already miss you. I’ll continue to give Branch my best. I wish I can have you back. I wish I never lost you…. I will miss you very much and I’m sure Branch already does. I love you, Baby… I hope you find Elda, Angelo, Banikong and Freya up there. I’m sure you’ll all have fun. It’s terrible to lose you but… we’ll see you soon… I love you… we all do. I’m sure you’re in a better place now. Thank you for all the happiness and love. Though me and Branch will not be able to continue showing our love to you physically… we love you and we’ll continue to do so until the end of our days. It’s hard to say this especially when your cuteness is still fresh in my memory but… Goodbye, Baby… again… sorry… and thank you for everything… being strong… putting up with me… loving me… we love you and we pray for your new happy life now. *mwah*… :) “


Koala 09/14/11

Dollface Cosmetics Box Opening

 I’m starting to take on fashion and beauty more seriously and since I need to practice on my eyeshadow application, I recently I ordered the Dollface Cosmetic’s Vanity Palette.

Dollface has a lot of options available from a small group of neutral palettes to a stunning 88-color palette. Out of all the options I was torn between the Vanity Palette or the 78 color palette. I don’t really want the 12 lipsticks that the Vanity Palette offers but I do want the highlight, blush and contour shades. I ended up buying the Vanity Palette because I have olive skin and being a Winter, deep vivid colors work best for my skin tone.

I was kind of delayed paying because I’ve been really busy. Two days after paying I asked when I should be expecting my order and didn’t receive a reply. I was starting to feel scared but the next day…


My package arrived at my doorstep via Air 21 (which is the most practical logistics company IHMO).

After opening the plastic, I was greeted by a… suman… kidding haha.. it’s a bubble wrapped box. 

After unwrapping 1 meter of bubble wrap, there was another layer I have to slip off.


Dollface is bubble wrap crazy.  After unwrapping the 2nd sheet, there was another layer of bubble wrap to take off. I’m happy they’re making this much effort because I’ve heard that their palettes easily break. Also, I’m not so sure if I should be disappointed that they’ve mispelled my name or not. Haha

Finally! The box! I have to hand it to them, their packaging is stunning. But guess what’s inside. :3

That’s right! More bubble wrap! :D … and my palette.  I’m starting to think I bought a set of bubble wrap with a palette as an accessory.


So after removing the bubble wrap, the palette was also wrapped in a thin plastic cover and was well protected from scratches and prints. Notice their logo on the lower-right corner? Cute, huh?

Inside is the beautiful display of colors protected by a hard plastic.

All in all, I can say that I’m very impressed that Dollface does a great job ensuring that their product arrive in one piece and that product’s newness is preserved. I also appreciate their effort when it comes to packaging. I’m not so happy that I didn’t receive a text reply regarding my package but I can let it slide because I was delayed paying. :)

As for the product’s performance, I’ll leave that for another post. :D